Monday, September 14, 2009

And here we we are...

Just got back from Boston, Newport, NYC trip visiting Adam. Hard to sum up the trip in a few sentences. Lots of sightseeing at famous places and lots of good food (my favorite part of vacation/traveling).

I loved the cities but I also loved the "Gatsby" feeling of Newport. I enjoyed touring the mansions and soaking up the culture and the peacefulness that comes from looking at dead people's former residences (seriously). Another highlight was seeing Shrek on broadway in NYC. I kept trying to wrap my mind around how the costumes were put together. How did they do that?? Ground zero was cool on 9/11/09 but didn't affect me as much as I expected it to. Perhaps it was the crowds and the rain (two of my least favorite things combined).

Now it's back to Norfolk. I'm looking forward to getting my disseration draft back from my chair tomorrow so I can make headway towards the finishline. So close, yet so far. While away from my dissertation for the past few weeks while it was being edited and reviewed, I've been lackadasical and uncaring, which are two feelings I don't particularly enjoy. However, I know that once I open up that attachment my drive will come back to me in full force.
This week: meetings, meetings, meetings, class, class, supervision, supervision, supervision. Thinking about taking a part time job for a few hours a week but trying to figure out if that's going to put me over the edge, as my mother would say.
Navy spouse update: looks like Adam is heading out for a 7 month deployment beginning in January. He will also be gone October and most of December...

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  1. Glad to see you guys had a good time and got home safely!