Monday, August 24, 2009

First post (wooooo)

Still trying to figure out of I'm going to like this blogging thing. I figure it will give me a good outlet for writing that doesn't involve a huge pile of counseling articles and APA citations at the end of every sentence. so to start things off, here's my life in a nutshell:

  • trying to figure out the whole marriage thing. (it's fun, really). add the military part in...figuring out how to be a wife, but an independent wife, who knows how to lanscape the yard and other such things (umm...landscaping, by the way, is somewhat addicting...if you do it you know what I'm talking about... )

  • not only have i recently become a wife, i've recently become a dog owner, even though i thought i hated dogs. oh, the irony of my inner world. i guess it was too much dog sitting in college that gave me a negative outlook. like landscaping, being a pet owner is somewhat addicting (and expensive...)

  • trying to figure out the whole phd student thing. just when you think you've gotten the hang of it, something gets thrown your way and you're back to ground zero. and by ground zero, i mean negative three or four. but this too shall pass (ummm, hopefully).

overall, feeling very blessed in my life right now and i remind myself to be thankful when i tend to start focusing on negative things (which for some reason, i suspect, is linked to my personality...). i love my husband and being married and i love living in my new (clean) house (who knew i would be into the whole decorating thing). i'm also very thankful for my good friends (whom i am working on seeing more and breaking out of my introverted/hermit-like tendencies which are often propelled by my affection for my home- catch 22??).

other than that, im looking forward to visiting adam/having a vacation from norfolk up north in newport and boston in a week in a half...


  1. well well well... interesting picture choice ;)

  2. yes! i am so glad you are blogging, you are such a good write and I love hearing about your life. Love you

  3. :) enjoy boston. i really love the north. i think you will love it too!!!

  4. Welcome to blogging! You will love it!